The GuestOver App

A Revolutionary Integrated Tool for Hotels to Manage, Monitor, and Mobilize Hotel Housekeeping and Maintenance Teams.

Cloud-Based Housekeeping and Maintenance App for Hotels

A single tool that makes managing daily tasks and communications at your hotel easy and effective.

  • Boost Your Customer Ratings as it helps you to Deliver a Better Service

With Guestover, your front-of-house team will have real-time access to all housekeeping and maintenance information. At a glance, they can see schedules, notes, tasks, and make requests to the team to prioritize a room or repair whenever needed.

  • Seamless Internal Communications

With specific areas for maintenance, housekeeping and inspectors; the Guestover Housekeeping app makes cross-departmental communications a breeze. Data is automatically available to the right departments, and any supporting images and notes are available with a single touch of a button.

  • Easy to Use – for computer and tablet users

The simplicity of the user interface and the icon-based access means that each team can easily see where to go and what to do in an instant. When users access the housekeeping app, they can see their schedule, which rooms are on hold or dirty, along with any notes or images.

  • Comprehensive Data Logging and Reporting Capabilities

Whether the hotel inspector, management or individual user needs to upload or view information, it can be easily accessed in an instant. Whether relating to equipment, resources, or tasks, Guestover delivers incredible data-driven reports for hotels to allow the peak of operational effectiveness.

Whether you are looking for a hotel housekeeping planning tool or a better way for your teams to work individually and together; Guestover provides an all-in-one solution that benefits everyone within the hotel, from the staff to the management, the budget and of course, the guests.


  • Get Real-Time Updates From Other Areas of the Hotel

When the housekeeping team needs to communicate with the front of house, maintenance, and inspectors; it can reduce their levels of productivity. Instant updates to and from the entire team result in seamless communications between the different teams, ensuring optimal performance and no loss of productivity or missed communications.

  • Easily Track the Specific Areas That Users are Individually Assigned

If a room is placed on hold or needs attention, this is instantly flagged in the app and visible to all who might be working within a specific area. With Housekeeper Worklists, individuals can instantly see the area, level, and status of the entire list of rooms within their dedicated area.  

  • Make Time Tracking Easy

When housekeeping starts to work in a specific area or room, the Guestover App makes it easy to track time with a built-in timer that can be turned on and off in a single click.

  • Record any Lost or Found Items With a Single-Click

When hotel guests leave items in a room after they check out or when they lose items in an area; it can be frustrating when they call and are required to wait for the housekeeping team to finish their rounds and report any lost items. With the Guestover App, a housekeeper is able to add items in an instant. This information is then immediately available to anyone else within the team, ensuring front of house have complete visibility of any lost and founds items as soon as they are located.

  • Review Schedules, Work Plans, and Other Tasks in a Single View

When a housekeeper logs in to the Guestover App, the dashboard delivers a simplistic yet comprehensive overview of all items within their schedule, their work plans, and any other pending tasks. The design of the interface is highly intuitive, making it easy to navigate and see everything that matters in a centralized way.

  • Easily Tag Inspectors into Tasks or Updates

When housekeeping needs to flag a room to the inspectors, it needs to happen quickly Seamless communications between inspectors and the housekeeping team is not just desirable, it’s essential. With Guestover, a simple tick in a box will immediately notify the inspectors that there is a task or update that requires their attention.

  • Add Notes and Photos Quickly

When housekeeping attends to their regular duties, there are often incidents, images, and updates that need to be evidenced with images and notes. With Guestover, the entire process of capturing notes and/or images is effortless. From the app, a Housekeeper can simply tap the ‘Add Photo’ or ‘Housekeeper Notes’ icon to quickly and easily add in the relevant content.

  • Simple App that Requires no Training

A huge amount of focus was put into making the Guestover app easy to use. It requires little training, and most people can simply download the app to their tablet and get started with ease. The icon-driven foundation makes it straightforward to see where everything is and when a housekeeper logs-in for the first time, they can use their central dashboard to easily see their schedule and the list of tasks that they have been assigned.

  • Get Updates on The Go, While They Work

With Guestover, one of the greatest advantages is how it mobilizes the housekeeping team and enables them to simply get to work and know what they need to do and where they need to go. The instant updates prevent unnecessary downtime that may have otherwise been spent seeking out updates, and it also makes communications between the management and other departments a breeze.


  • Easily Review Worklists and Schedules at a Glance

When any member of the maintenance team logs into the Guestover app, they can quickly and easily get an instant view of their worklist and schedules. Each item on the scheduled worklist will show the start date, category, location, and status; it will also have a quick launch button that expands the details of the job and provides further notes that have been left for their review.

  • Clearly See Issues That Managers, Inspectors, Housekeeping or Front of House Raise

When the maintenance team accesses a worklist, each item on that list is clearly labeled with a status, level, area information, and quick access to the relevant notes. Whether housekeeping, inspectors or front of house have raised the issue; it is instantly available to view. This means the team can focus on the most important tasks and always have complete visibility of all the issues that have been logged and raised.

  • Internal Communications

One of the most frustrating and time-consuming elements of the maintenance team’s everyday duties is communicating with others within the wider hotel team. Whether it be to the inspectors, housekeeping or front of house, GuestOver provides a quick and completely traceable way to communicate information and updates in an instant. The simple notification settings and checkboxes make it easy for anyone to notify, or to be notified immediately.

  • Images and Notes From Other Teams are Available For Review Immediately

When the maintenance team has to decide the order and allocation of tasks, it is often essential to have quick access to the accompanying notes and imagery as established by the person who reported the task in the first instance. Guestover provides immediate access to imagery and notes with any job or task that is raised.

  • Regular or Ongoing Tasks Such as HVAC Filter Changes, Smoke Detector Batteries, and More can be Scheduled in Advance

For regular, annual or period recurring tasks, such as those often linked with HVAC filters or smoke detection units; it is quick and easy to add these in advance into the Guestover App. This means that advance notifications and workflows are set-in-place for the maintenance team, and compilatory standards can be assured, upheld, and adhered to.

  • A Convenient Way to List and Track all Assets and the Related Parts

Asset tracking is a core function that links closely with the duties of the maintenance team. Whether a piece of equipment is in or out of warranty can impact repairs, it can result in a room or area becoming unfit for purpose; if not handled correctly, this can lead to costly delays. Guestover provides a centralized location for all assets and their related parts information to be stored and to be easily and readily accessible when needed.

  • Real-Time Updates for Issues Raised by Other Hotel Departments

As with any working team in a hotel, the need to stay mobile and receive instant updates on the fly is key to both productivity and the effective and fast resolution of issues. In order for the hotel rooms and areas to stay open and remain profitable, the maintenance team needs to be informed and updated as much as possible GuestOver enables this by providing real-time updates via the App.


  • Get an Immediate Birds-Eye View of the Team Performance Across all Areas

Regardless of the size of the team or how many rooms and areas you manage as an Inspector, the Guestover App will give you an immediate overall picture of the team performance in an easy to understand dashboard that allows you to quick open and expand to see further details and images uploaded by individual departments or team members.

  • Real-time updates

All updates for the inspector’s rooms or areas are available in real-time. This helps speed up the time from departure to cleaning, through to inspection; putting the room into available for occupancy status in the quickest and most effective timeframe possible. The immediate notification of issues also helps to ensure that any issues are picked up and resolved in the quickest way possible.

  • Seamless Transfer of Data from Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Other Hotel Departments

Because the Guestover App is readily available to all members of the housekeeping, maintenance, front of house, and inspection teams; it allows each department to instant see any notes or data that is uploaded. The seamless transfer of data across the app ensures the team can remain productive while being fully informed of any information that is relevant to the inspector’s areas of responsibility.

  • Review the Work Schedule and Equipment Logs Instantly

Inspectors can save time and get a more comprehensive picture of the entire work schedule in an instant. The GuestOver App makes it easy for inspection to review the schedule and make adjustments where needed. All of the equipment logs can be accessed quickly when needed from within the app.

  • Easy Access to Inspection Data and Issues

Once a room has been flagged to the inspectors, whether that be to raise an issue or simply inform them that a particular space is ready for review; the inspector can simply click to access all data and imagery if applicable. In the least time possible, inspectors can review and remark on any comments or escalate and flag notes for other departments to take action.

  • The team can escalate rooms or issue with a single click

In order for the teams to remain productive, they need a quick and easy way to escalate issues comprehensively to the inspectors. With a single-click, any member of the team can escalate a room or area to the immediate intention of inspectors. All supporting notes and imagery will also be transferred within the record which can be quickly accessed from within the Guestover App.

  • Perform Comprehensive Reporting

With features that enable the inspection team to be able to review and track issues, monitor time spent and produce productivity reports, the Guestover App truly delivers valuable data that can help with ongoing management of the team, while being able to help identify any issues with productivity or reward superior performance from individual team members.

Simply put, the comprehensive reporting delivers factual data that support the overall effectiveness and management of the working team.

Whether you are a boutique hotel seeking to retain or gain a five-star customer and cleanliness rating or a large hotel in need of a better tool to mobilize, manage, and monitor your workforce; The GuestOver App enables you to accomplish all of that, and so much more.