Guestover Management

Integrated Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Inspection Management Software That Delivers a Demonstrable ROI and Helps You See Exactly What Is Happening.

When management need a clear picture of everything within your hotel, GuestOver delivers. Regardless of the size of the hotel teams managed, get a crystal-clear picture from the dashboard of all schedule, worklists, productivity figures, and more.

  • Manage Housekeeping – Set and Adjust Priorities as Needed
  • Manage Maintenance Teams – View All Repairs and Scheduled Workflows in an Instant
  • Manage Inspectors – Get a Clear Picture Of The Teams Performance and Inspection Results

Get Powerful Reporting - Driven by Real-Time Data

With Guestover, you have the option to view your team dashboards on the go via the App or from a PC. The intricate reporting means you get complete visibility of the actions, schedules, and tasks that each member of each team performs daily.

  • Current Status of all Rooms, Areas, and Equipment
  • Fully Customized Descriptions of all Rooms, Areas, Property, and Equipment
  • Comprehensive Historical Data of Cleaning Dates, Times, People, and More
  • Comprehensive Historical Data of Maintenance Dates, Times, People, and More
  • Complete History of all Notes, Images, and Tasks by Team, Date or Individual Team Member
  • In-Process/Completed Maintenance Schedule for Equipment/Property by Start and End Date
  • Statistical Productivity Reports by Individual Covering Any Date Period
  • Reporting that Outlines Time to Clean and Time to Maintain
  • Other Customized Reporting Options

Quick and Easy for the Teams to Use

The Guestover App has been intuitively designed to ensure that it is quick and easy to use. Regardless of whether your team re used to using software for reporting in their duties, the app is quick, it’s straightforward, and it requires very little training or time to get used to. It can be rolled out across multiple devices quickly, and reporting can start instantaneously.

Improve Internal Communications

It goes without saying, that internal communications between individual team members, management, and the different departments within your hotel are essential for the overall operational success of the business. With Guestover, communications can occur seamlessly, and there is a clear record of all requests along with their associated actions. Notes and images can be transferred from within the app, avoiding the need to repeat information, and reducing any errors made from poor or hurries conversations.

Boost Productivity and Improve Morale

When the internal teams know exactly what is expected from them as soon as they start work, and they have a clear and easy line of communication with others in the team, it can improve morale and support better working relations internally between individual team members. Access to information is easy, and there are fewer instances of frustration felt when individuals need to know updates or handle customer requests. With less time wasted or spent chasing other members of the hotel team, productivity is boosted, and downtime is significantly reduced.