Hotel Maintenance Management App

Guestover makes hotel maintenance tasks and scheduling quicker and easy than ever before.

When something stops working or gets broken, the maintenance team need to be able to respond quickly and effectively. Guestover facilitates this, along with enabling seamless communications between the different departments and the effective prioritization of work and working schedules for the team.

Helping Hotel Maintenance Teams Get Jobs Done

The GuestOver App has been designed with hotel maintenance management in mind. From the moment the app is opened, the maintenance team, housekeeping, front of house, and hotel management can instantly see a dashboard that is relevant to their individual demands and needs.

Makes Internal Communications Easy

The GuestOver App powers internal communications and makes flagging, updating, and informing other departments easier than ever before. All notes or updates, including images that may have been taken, are logged within the app and accessible by all.

Saves Time

As a result of the internal teams being able to communicate more easily from within the app, and less time is spent field calls or emails regarding ongoing issues, the Guestover App helps save valuable time and results in fewer distractions, helping individual team members to focus and get on with the tasks in hand.

Manage Assets

The GuestOver App enables the recording of key assets belonging to the hotel. For systems such as HVAC units that may require specific parts and have a particular code or order process, all details of the specific parts, numbers, and ordering codes can be stored within the app, making the procurement of replacements or the handling or warranty repairs quicker and easier for all.

Schedule Advanced Routine Maintenance

Because the hotel maintenance teams have a requirement to manage routine maintenance as well as on-demand requests, GuestOver has made it easy to be able to schedule the regular and ongoing maintenance of parts such as replacing the HVAC air filters and hotel smoke alarm tests and battery changes. Once input, a recurring task can be set that will remind the maintenance team well in advance of any work that is coming into a working schedule.

Single-View All Tasks

The maintenance dashboard enables each person to have a crystal-clear picture of the working schedule as soon as they open the app. This includes a list of areas, the urgency, the status, the notes, and any images or notes which may have been added from the other team and departments.

The GuestOver App provides a single solution for all of the working teams that deal with hotel upkeep. It is easy to use and readily accessible from either a mobile or desktop device. Updates are quick and can be seen in real-time across the entire team.

If you’re looking for ways to maximize efficiency, boost productivity, improve communications, and deliver a better, higher performing operations function to benefit customers, communications, results, and ultimately enhance the overall service delivery from the maintenance teams, along with housekeeping, inspectors, management, and front of house.