Hotel Housekeeping App

GuestOver makes it easy for housekeeping teams to quickly see what needs to be done as soon as they start their shift.

Cleanliness in a hotel can make or break that all-important first impression that your guests get when they arrive. Hotel guests cite this as one of the most important factors they consider when booking a hotel and with almost all of the hotel review sites, the cleanliness rating features highly.

The effectiveness of a high-performing housekeeping team in any hotel cannot be underestimated

Clarity of the Working Schedule

When housekeeping teams start their shift, they need a clear picture of the work they need to do that day. The intuitive design of the GuestOver App means that each individual member of the team, along with the housekeeping management and front of house get a clear picture of what is expected of them on any given day.

Effortlessly Smooth Workflows

With any hotel housekeeping function, the schedule or requirements may need to change quickly. Front of house might have an immediate requirement for a room to be cleaned, the maintenance team might need to get involved, or the inspectors could uncover an issue that requires attention quickly. With GuestOver, the workflows between the different departments can be updated in real-time and change instantly with little or no effort at all.  

Seamless Internal Communications

Communicating quickly between the teams is essential for the effective and ongoing daily operations within a hotel. GuestOver makes it easy to inform or notify other teams, such as front of house, inspectors or maintenance if there is a need for their involvement or a task that requires their attention. The app makes it easy to communicate internally with a single click, and all actions are fully traceable and recorded.  

Lost and Founds Item Logging

Quickly and easily record, track, and log any lost and founds items as soon as they are located in a room. Add pictures with a single click to the record any information which will then become instantly visible to the front of house or management team.

  • Manage Tasks 
  • Quickly Escalate to Inspectors  
  • Allocate and Prioritize Maintenance Tasks in an Instant  
  • Update Room Status’ in Real-time 
  • Inventory and Asset Management  
  • Housekeeping Analytics  
  • Quality Control  
  • Upload Pictures and Notes in a Single Click  
  • Change Room Cleaning Priorities  
  • Easy Time Tracking  
  • Room Inspection Reporting  
  • Internal Communications

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