Hotel Housekeeping and Maintenance Management

Deliver efficiency, productivity, and internal communication in your hotel with the Guestover App.

Smart Hotel Housekeeping and Maintenance App

The GuestOver App is a feature-rich hotel housekeeping and maintenance app that helps streamline and sharpen internal communications, along with driving the productivity and efficiency of the hotels working teams; it delivers a demonstrable ROI and benefits employees, management, and guests alike.

Comprehensive Housekeeping Management from an Easy to Use App

With an intuitive design, the Guestover App is can be downloaded to almost any device and requires no training whatsoever. The dashboard displays and provides access to all the required worklists and schedules, with each room or record being able to be easily updated in an instant.

The housekeeping, maintenance, inspection, and front of house can each access and view the different areas and schedule quickly. They are also able to share and flag rooms to one another in a single click. From a single interface, the users of the app can also upload photos, and notes, and track their time spent working on a job.

Productivity reporting, maintenance lists, asset management, timekeeping, lost and found, and employee performance can all be derived from and managed from within the app.

Why Should You Use Our Hotel Housekeeping and Maintenance Software?

Regardless of your current processes or management methods, using the Guestover App to manage the housekeeping, maintenance, and inspection workflows and staff can help your hotel deliver a more efficient and effective service. It can improve your customer satisfaction and enhance the overall quality of the service that is delivered throughout your hotel.

Saves Time

The different working teams within the hotel can communicate seamlessly through the Guestover App. This helps to reduce downtime which may have otherwise been spent communicating in person or via the phone.

Offers Real-Time Updates

The instantaneous updates mean that each team is always fully up to date. Guestover Front desk displays a color coded list of rooms with their associated status. When housekeeping, inspection or maintenance teams update the room or area; this is instantly visible to everyone.

Built-In Time Tracking

With the Guestover App, the need for any manual task sheet creation work is eradicated. The app features a handy time tracking function that is activated with a single click, the result of which is effortless time tracking and detailed productivity reports that are easy to produce and understand.

Maximize Productivity

Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Inspections teams can work better together, and uphold the most efficient methods for working without distraction, and with the least possible downtime.

Demonstrable ROI

Any investment made by the hotel should deliver a tangible return, and with Guestover, you get exactly this. Whether we look at the increased productivity, the reduction in downtime, the better service that clients of the hotel receive or the ability for the team to communicate seamlessly; there is a proven return on investment for this hotel housekeeping and maintenance management app.

Detailed Reporting and Data Logging

The app is capable of producing detailed reports for each person, department or area. With data-driven reporting, the hotel and its management can review and take the actions necessary to ensure the right decisions are made, at the right time.